Come play a fast-paced shooter io game called to practice your shooting skills. You will venture out into space to battle against players from around the world and defeat them all to become the winner. The battle will not be easy to conquer when it has many challenges, however, you should not give up on it but make an attempt to vanquish everything.

You take control of a fleet around in space in unblocked. Your fleet can move at a fast speed when you give it a boost for three seconds. Around the arena are many resources you can collect. Make sure you pick up lots of resources, and when you have enough of them, you can buy a new ship for your fleet to make it stronger. You will encounter enemies as you move around space. You should push the fleet together, keep the ships close when you attack those enemies. Once the fleet is combined, your attack becomes very strong, which helps you defeat the fleets of other players easily. You are recommended to defeat the enemy ships one by one. You can speed up to catch the fleets that are smaller than you, but you have to stay away from the bigger ones. Try to kill them all to become the best fleet of ships in game! Have fun with it!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your fleet, use the spacebar to speed it up. Use number key 1 to buy a new ship.

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