Pikes.io Game

Pikes.io unblocked is a thrilling io game about focusing on an epic battle where players have to use their own pikes to deal damage to each other for the domination of the arena. In the game, you can pick a skin for your character to make him look more amazing then step into the battle. You spawn in the map with just a small and weak pike. You cannot kill enemies using that pike. So, to get it stronger and longer, try to gather a lot of colored squares that are on the map. When your weapon is getting better, it’s time for the kills. Make your way through the map swinging your pike in a large arc to defeat all enemies around you. When you kill them, you can increase your score. But, you must avoid their pikes! If they hit you, you will meet your end, causing the game to be over. You’d better survive to get be the first in the rank on the leaderboard to rule the arena. Play Pikes.io free online now! Have fun!

Play Pikes.io Unblocked Online
Play Pikes.io Unblocked Online

How to play Pikes.io

Direct the movement of your character using the mouse. Use the spacebar or use the left mouse button for the acceleration.

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