How fast can you shoot enemies? With unblocked, feel free to show your skills and see how many enemies you can beat. free online is a zombie shooter game that is set in a mysterious town. The town seems to be infected with zombies. They are dispersed in the town waiting for a chance to defeat you. Make your way through the town carefully trying to shoot all the zombies. You have to make a base then stay inside to defend you. Or, you can use a vehicle to squad those zombies and don’t forget to work with other friends or compete against them for your survival if you want. Be careful when you begin shooting because you can be heard by the zombies and once they hear your shots, they will run to you. Watch your surroundings as you move, pick up items on the ground or collect them from demolishing houses. You must get through this battle, survive, and win. Enjoy game!

How to play

Move your character using WASD or AQSD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button or B to place a building, spacebar to interact with objects and items, Shift to run or drift in a car, use number keys to change weapons, click or use the mouse wheel scroll and click on a building for changing it.

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