Smash Karts Game

Race and fight against opponents around the world in Smash Karts unblocked! If you want to master your racing skills, then Smash Karts free online is a game for you. In this title, you aim to beat all other players to become the winner, even though the battle is not easy to conquer. You step into a race that lasts 3 minutes, and you are required to perform good actions to outplay others. Take control of your kart on the track, collect weapons on the ground then use them to deal damage to enemies. You can make use of invincibility to missiles, machine-guns, and mines. They are all powerful weapons that help you win. As you play, try to avoid attacks from other players and watch your surroundings. Agility as well as fast reflexes are the two crucial things you should have if you aim at victory. Will you become the best kart racer in Smash Karts game? Have fun!

How to play Smash Karts

Use arrow keys or WASD to drive a kart. Use the spacebar to shoot weapons.

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