How good your survivability is? Why don’t you play free game online to show it off? The game takes players all over the world to a dark world set in a tunnel. Seemingly, the muzzle flash from the end of the Glock 17 of enemies is the light at the end of the tunnel. You are fighting for the light, and it is not easy to conquer. Try your best to perform good moves, smart strategies, nice tactics, and lots of actions to get through all of this. Stealth is a crucial element in unblocked. You must use it to sneak up on players, take aim then shoot anyone you see in the shadows. If you don’t beat them first, they will kill you. You are equipped with a sidearm or a knife, so make use of them to beat enemies. The main goal for you is to defeat all enemies and get to the top place on the leaderboard!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, rotate your player by moving the mouse, raise a gun using the right mouse button, strike with the left mouse button, and use the mouse wheel scroll to change weapons.

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